Congratulations, your friend is pregnant! It´s time to celebrate. Here are some baby shower ideas we offer you to make the celebration a success. Get all her best friends together to participate in a non-alcoholic gathering and cheers to the good news.

Before organizing the event, figure out if you would like it to be a surprise party or if you would like your friend to participate in the planning – Keep in mind you want your friend to have non-stressful and fun day.

What is a baby shower & why do we celebrate it?

At a baby shower the upcoming birth of a child and it´s mother is celebrated. The origins of the event go back to the Victorian times where family members sat together in an exclusive round to celebrate the birth of a newborn. The tradition changed after the Second World War in the way that baby showers were celebrated in the USA. The word ‘shower’ was integrated as the mom-to-be was or still is spoiled with nice presents for the baby. It is basically showering presents.

Creative Invitation Cards for your perfect Baby Shower

Self crafted invitation cards are still the best eye catchers and are going to impress your guests the most. If you already know the gender of the child, you can design your cards accordingly. Most important is that your cards are sent out in a timely manner and ideally gives your guests some date options so you can find the best day to celebrate with all together.

When to celebrate the ideal baby shower?

Baby showers are a real trend. Usually girls stay among each other but of course it is your choice who you would like to attend. A great time for this party to take place is during the 6th month of the pregnancy, as the baby bump is usually visible at that point. Make sure that the party is not taking place to close to the birth date as you want to have a relaxed party. If you are uncertain about the date or the number of people you should invite, ask her friends or if it is a surprise party, ask her partner. 

If you want to hold a summer baby shower in the garden, a nice brunch or a tea party is up to you – Same as the games, decoration as well as cute baby gifts. All combined will make a great celebration.

Decoration Ideas for your Baby Shower

The decoration for your baby shower is one of the most important things. For this step of the party you can set your creativity free. Garlands, balloons in pink, blue or neutral colors turn a simple room into a great party location. Cute decoration elements, teddy bears, diapers and baby bottles create a nice atmosphere. Use matching paper plates and cups with baby motives for your table decorations. 

Why not meet up with your friends to decorate before the party – It can be so much fun and saves time!

Sweet surprises for your guests

A sweet surprise for your party guests is always a good idea. Nicely decorated cupcakes, cake pops or candy bars as well as delicious cookies and a cake are the ideal treats. As this means a lot of work, ask your guests if they would like to contribute. You can divide the different sweets among each other before the party takes place.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The gift of every baby shower are the highlight. Besides the popular diaper cake, moms-to-be will be happy about rompers, hats, pacifiers and toys. Discuss with the other guests what each one of you would like to contribute. Self-crafted a well as personalized gifts are also a nice idea and give your gift a unique touch.

Guestbook & guest presents for your Baby Shower

Games for your Baby Shower

Funny games create a great atmosphere. Guess the belly circumference of he mommy-to-be, match baby pictures with your party guests as well as painting baby rompers are just some ideas which will make everyone laugh and have a good time. 

Another entertaining game is ‘Guessing the baby food sort’. Buy some baby food sorts with different flavors such as apple, pear, banana or other kinds. Fill these in different bowls and pass them on to your guests so everyone can participate. Who guesses the most right is the winner!