You love the tale of Alice in Wonderland and would like to spend one day in that imaginative world with its crazy characters? In that case, the Mad Hatters Costume is the perfect idea for you! Since Johnny Depps appearance in the movie series, the fictional character ‘Mad Hatter’ is enjoying cult status.

The Mad Hatter – The perfect costume for movie and fantasy novel lovers

The greatest part about this costume is the fact that it is super colourful and shimmery but easily to handicraft. With the right accessories it doesn´t take too long to transform into the cult figure. You can wear this costume to any dress up events and theme nights.

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Accessories you need for your DIY The Mad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter Costume – DIY step by step instructions

Step 1 – The hat

The most important accessory of the costume is Mad Hatters typical hat. You can either purchase the hat online or handicraft it yourself. The following video shows you how:

Step 2 – The coat

Ideally you organize a vintage blazer for example a velvet or old military blazer. A good and affordable sortiment can be found in our wide range of products or in a second hand shop. Checkered pants and an orange coloured wig round off the costume perfectly. For the Mad Hatters belt use colourful reels of thread and line these up in a row and attach them to each other. For detailed instructions watch the following video:

Step 3 – The make-up

When it comes to the Mad Hatters make-up, there are no wrongs or rights. You can use all available colours – Lilac, blue, green or yellow, whatever your heart desires. Get inspiration from the following make-up tutorial video:

As you can see, putting the whole Mad Hatter costume together is not even as complicated as you would have imagined. Now you only need a little craziness and fantasy and you will charm the audience at any party.

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