The sweetest temptation – Cotton Candy! You can find it at every funair and not only kids love this irresistible goodie but also grownups are completely blown away by it´s taste. That is why the DIY Cotton Candy Costume is the perfect idea for children´s birthday parties but also for dressup events and Halloween. 

Anyone who wants to create their own Cotton Candy Costume only needs few accessories and doesn´t necessarily need extensive handicraft skills. You can already purchase most of the needed accessories at a low price – A great costume idea for girls and ladies who don´t want to spend too much money on their costume and still want a unique and creative appearance at the next party.

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Accessories needed for your sweet Costume

DIY Cotton Candy Costume – Step by step instructions

The basis of your costume is formed by a short dress or a long shirt in white or pink. For the authentic cotton candy look you organize yourselves around 1kilo of fake snow or fiberfill (caution: it should be hard inflammable) which you spray with pink color. After the material has dried attach it to your clothes with spray adhesive. For your head, form a funnel out of white paper which you decorate spirally with red ribbon and the rest of your cotton.

See how easy it is to create your own Cotton Candy Costume? The attention of everyone attending the next party is definitely guaranteed!

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