Who also thinks about childhood when seeing a dandelion? We all had great fun blowing off the tiny and fluffy looking parachutes and watching them float through the air. Not for nothing was the dandelion one of our most favourite flowers when we were younger. 

The Dandelion Costume – A sweet costume idea for kids, teens and grownups

With only a couple of materials and manageable effort you can turn yourself into a realistic looking dandelion – A unique costume idea with which you´ll definitely be in the center of attention. It´s perfect for the next theme party or even a bachelor party as it also funtions well as a group costume. 

Accessories needed for your DIY Dandelion Costume

Use a green dress or green pants plus green shirt as the basis for your costume. The seeds of the dandelion can be made out of feathers, cotton balls, balloon sticks and styrofoam balls which are glued to a hat, preferably brown. 

How to create your Dandelion Costume – Step by step instructions

The following video will show you how to create your dandelion costume in just a few steps. Herefore, you just need a hat, ideally brown, and a package of straws which you attach to the hat. Wrap black tape around every single straw and glue a cotton ball to the end of each one. Additionally you can come up with a funny slogan for your shirt to complete your outfit. This is also demonstrated in the video.

As you can see, the dandelion costume is easily made and definitely an eye-catcher at every party- Flower power rules! 

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