Fulfill your childhood dream of an exciting adventure on the seven seas, passing stunning beaches and always being on the hunt for hidden treasures in an old pirate ship! The Pirate costume is the perfect idea for all children and women who want to live one day as a buccaneer. And what kind of pirate would you be if you wouldn´t lend yourself a hand by creating your own costume?

Your homemade Pirate Costume – DIY Inspirations for every occasion

Halloween parties, theme parties, kids birthday parties or even bachelor parties – The wild pirate look is a promising eye-catcher for any type of event and can be made with little effort, even be used as a last-minute costume idea. The biggest advantage: The costume can easily be put together with simple accessories. If you like your costume to stand out more, you can also add special clothing such as a corsage.

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What you need for your pirate costume – Find all accessories here

One look into your closet and you´ll have all basics you need for your DIY Pirate costume: For example wide, worn out clothes, a dark vest and a black skirt or wide pants. If you´d like to add a little elegance to your outfit, you can choose a white frill blouse in combination with a corsage.

Golden statement necklaces or pearl jewelry as well as wide leather belts and heavy boots create the perfect image. An additional accessory is formed by either a pirate hat or scarf which you can tie around your head – Don´t forget to tease your hair for the wild look! You can also purchase wigs with untamed hair which have the scarf already included. For the dangerous and dark pirate look, apply black kajal around your eyes.

To round off your perfect DIY Pirate costume, don´t forget the most essential accessory – the eye patch! You can also add other optional objects such as plastic sabers, a wooden leg or a hook.

DIY Pirate costume – Makeup tutorial

The best makeup tip for pirates are smokey eyes! You can watch the following videos to learn how to perfectly apply makeup around your eyes and on your face for an incomparable pirate look. Daring, seductive or scary – You decide!

The DIY pirate costume is a classic amongst costume ideas and can easily be made by DIY lovers but also by those who need an outfit last-minute and are not much into handicraft work. The basic utensils can be found at home and whatever you come up with – It is a one of a kind costume and can be used as an eye catcher for any other suitable occasion!

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