Hippies are cool and easy-going people who spread fun, love and a little bit of political resistance with a calm and relaxed attitude. You can wear a hippie costume to any dress up event or even theme parties such as 60´s or 70´s parties. 

Creating a hippie costume is very easy as you do not need a lot of handicraft skills or special accessories. It is the perfect costume for ladies, men and also kids, as they enjoy the colorful clothes and jewelry. With a little bit of luck, you´ll already find the basic clothes in your own or in the closet of your parents. 

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These are the accessories needed for your DIY Hippie Costume

Your costume can´t be colorful enough, so go for accessories with a flower pattern or in a colorful retro style. Batik dye or elements of the Native American cultural look are also welcome. Feel free to combine whatever your heart desires. 

Step by step instructions for your Hippie Costume full of love

The perfect costume for ladies

As a lady, you can either wear a white or a colorful, flowery shirt which you knot at the hem to leave your belly visible. Tops or dresses should not be worn skintight but rather in a wide leisure look. If you are going to wear pants, remember to wear flares. To complete the basic of your outfit you can either wear platform shoes or summer shoes made of leather.

The perfect costume for men

As a man, you should wear a colorful shirt and leave the upper buttons open – As you should show your chest hair. If you´re not hairy enough for this occasion, you can purchase a chest hair toupee. You can´t get enough into detail. Furthermore, you should combine the shirt with a leather vest and a flare pants. As shoe wear we recommend platform shoes or summer shoes in leather. 

Combine your accessories as you like – There are no wrongs or rights

When you decide to dress up like a hippie, do not forget the headdress. This can ,for example, be a curly wig, a pirate headscarf, a sunhat or a headband. Whatever you go for, the most important part is a flower or a batik pattern. Another accessory that matches your outfit perfectly are round shaped sunglasses. To round off your outfit you should go with some feather jewelry or the peace sign as a necklace. Women should additionally wear large earrings.

DIY Hippie Costume make-up

The make-up for the hippie costume is not difficult to apply. The detail is in the natural look. A little bit of powder, a shimmery eye shadow and mascara already do the job. If you like it more lively, you can apply colorful eye shadows and draw some flowers onto your face.

Especially on Halloween – the Hippie Costume for many occasions

Bachelor parties, theme parties and other dress up events – As you can combine your costume as you wish, you can wear it to whatever occasion you like. Maybe also as a Halloween costume? Why not! Choose the matching accessories and make-up and you´re good to go!

The costume is always a good idea as a last-minute costume idea.

Make the Halloween Hippie Look with the right make-up and hair based on this tutorial

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