The Piñata game is very popular among young children as it´s insides are filled with delicious sweets and candy. You can find Piñatas in all kind of shapes, forms and figures. The goal is to hit the Piñata as hard as you can while blindfolded to make it break and give away all the treats. But not only kids like this kind of fun on their birthday parties. Grownups also appreciate a good round of Piñata-Smacking at their bachelor party, on New Years Eve or any kind of theme party.

There are different kind of ways how you can create your own Piñata – There is no limit to your creativity. We will help to inspire you with some amazing examples of motives and DIY instructions. If you are not sure about the rules of the game itself, don´t worry, we will also update you on these.

Two DIY instructions for your Piñata

1. Create your Piñata with a balloon

A popular way to create a Piñata is with a balloon. Plan a little ahead as it takes a while for the Piñata to dry to be stable enough to fill it with all the goodies. For this option you need:

  • a balloon
  • coloring (preferably acryl) or crepe paper
  • colorful paper
  • colorful pens
  • cord or string
  • einen Luftballon

Furthermore, you also need the following utensils:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • key
  • cup
  • spoon for stirring
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cups of flour
  • newspaper

Step by step instructions for your balloon Piñata

Step 1: Preparations

First of all, blow up a balloon and stabilize it with a cup to be able to work with it better. Take the newspaper and cut it up into mid-sized peaces and lay them out. Mix two cups of flour and and the water together that it becomes a sticky mass. Instead of using flour and water, you can also use paste.

Step 2: Stick the newspaper peaces on the balloon

Dip the newspaper peaces into the mixed mass of flour and water. Go from top to bottom and stick the single peaces on the balloon. Leave a little free space at the knot. Make sure you overlap your single peaces that the whole balloon is nicely covered. You can use two or three layers of newspaper. Leave the balloon to properly dry for about two days. You can leave it on top of the cup.

Step 3: Remove the balloon

When the balloon has completely dried, poke a whole where the knot of the balloon is and remove it. Now turn your balloon shaped shell around.

Step 4: Color your Piñata

Now it´s time to get creative! You can color it with your favorite colors or use crepe paper to give it a nice style. You can cut the crepe paper in a special way that it has fringes to create that original Piñata-Look. For this look, take the crepe paper, cut it into to stripes and cut fringes at the ends of the stripes. Create a few of these and stick them in a few layers from top to bottom on the shell. Leave the whole at the end open again so you can stuff the Piñata with sweets.

Step 5: Decorate the Piñata

Depending on the motive you have decided on, you can use googly eyes, add arms or legs or any other elements you would like it to have. 

Step 6: Filling your Piñata and hanging it up

For you to be able to hang up the Piñata, cut two little wholes at the top through which you pull a cord or string. Afterwards, fill the inside with candy and sweets as well as confetti and glitter or even small toys if you like. If the Piñata is getting to heavy, make a few more wholes at the top and strengthen it with a few more cords/strings. You can also use tape on the inside to make it more stable – And you are done!

2. Piñata out of cardboard

Don´t have that much time on your hands? No problem! You can also create your Piñata out of cardboard without having to use a balloon. 

These are the materials you need for the cardboard Piñata:

  • cardboard or carton
  • colored paper
  • colorful crepe paper
  • colorful tissue paper

Furthermore, you need the following utensils:

  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • regular tape and double sided tape

Step by step instructions for your cardboard Piñata

Step 1: Shape your cardboard

Trace the outline of your chosen figure on the cardboard. Cut the form out and lay it on another peace of cardboard. Trace around it and cut that peace out as well. To create a 3D figure, cut out a 7 to 10 cm wide cardboard stripe which is as long as the outline of both of your figure shapes. Stick all peaces together now with some tape to form the body. Leave a little opening on the top to be able to fill the inside with treats.

Step 2: Color the Piñata

Now is the time to use your double sided tape. Spread it on the outside of your figure. Cut out several crepe paper stripes and cut some fringes on one end and stick them on the outside of the Piñata body. Use several layers to cover the whole figure.

Step 3: Finishing touch 

It´s time to get creative – Let your ideas flow! Use different accessories such as glitter, googly eyes or stickers to decorate your unique Piñata.

Step 4: Piñata filling and hanging it up

Fixate a string or cord at the top of your Piñata, to be able to hang it up. Make sure it is strong enough to hold it up after filling it with goodies.. You can fill it with sweets and candy as well as confetti or glitter and small toys.

How to fill your Piñata

The classic filling of a Piñata for children are sweets and candy. If you want to give the filling an extra touch you can also use glitter as well as colorful confetti. Besides, the sugar sweet temptations you can also add balloons and kids tattoos or any other small toys which will put your children a smile on their face. 

If you are creating a Piñata for grownups, you can add vouchers or nice greetings from the guests. This has a personal touch and while definitely be a unique surprise.

Piñata Game

When your Piñata is done, hang it somewhere your kids cannot reach it with their bear hands. The kids should line-up so each can take a turn to try to hit the Piñata and try to get to the candy inside. Blindfold each kids before it´s turn to make it more fun. Each kid has three tries, then the bat and the blindfold are passed on to the next child. The game goes on as long as the Piñata is still a whole. Sometimes the participants of the game are also turned around their own axis to increase the fun.

Piñatas for different occasions

First day of school and kids birthday parties with cool Piñatas

Most children get excited over theme parties for their birthday or their first day of school. If you want to keep this occasion cost efficient and in a timely manner you can always create a unique Piñata. Choose the favorite animal of your small one or the favorite cartoon character. Popular Piñata figures are lamas, Ninjago, mermaids, dinosaurs, Pokemon characters as well as unicorns. You can also go colorful and create rainbow or flower Piñatas or even include the hobby of your child like soccer, football or baseball. To get the best effect, use the same colors as your inspirational figure and add all extras needed such as arms, legs googly eyes and horns.

Piñata for your wedding

A Piñata for your wedding is easily done. You just need to get hold of a heart shaped balloon or just cut a heart shape out of cardboard. Now follow the above mentioned instructions and use red as well as pink colors to decorate your Piñata. You can fill it with the same colored confetti or golden or silver glitter. To make it special you can also let people write their best wishes on a piece of paper and also add these to the filling.