Looking for a great costume for your next Halloween or horror theme party? We´ve got the best idea for you! The DIY Skeleton costume is one of the most popular costume ideas per se. With some simple tricks you can turn your body into a skeleton. Moreover, costs and effort keep within a reasonable limit.

Look #1- Skeleton

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DIY Skeleton Costume - Accessories

How to create the DIY Skeleton costume step by step

How you turn your body into a skeleton

Use a skin-tight black top as well as black leggings as basic clothing for your DIY Skeleton costume. The bones are applied on these garments either by white fabric paint or cut-outs of white textiles fixed with fabric glue. If you´re uncertain about the shapes, use templates as an aid.

How to handicraft a matching skeleton-mask

To turn your head into a frightining skull, use a thick layer of handicraft felt. Here too, use a template if you don´t feel comfortable going forward without. It helps you figure out the right form and size. Apply an elastic band on the right and left side to be able to fixate it around your head. Choose your own design when it comes to decorating your mask – There is no limit to your fantasy! If you´re not a fan of masks, no problem! You can directly paint a skull on your face with black and white theatre makeup.

Skeleton makeup

Apply white theatre makeup on your entire face as a foundation. Use black makeup around your eyes as well as the tip of your nose. Besides, apply some more highlights such as emerging cheekbones and some teeth in the mouth area.

The right accessories to increase the scare factor

Shoes as well as gloves can easily be turned into the skeleton-look. Use the same instructions as mentioned above. You can also handicraft a scythe – An eye-catcher at every costume party.

As you can see – The skeleton costume is an easily made costume which can be created last-minute and cost-efficiently. With this outfit you will be the star at any Halloween Party!

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