Books, TV shows and movies – Zombies are present more than ever! The undead have an uncomparable creepy factor. Soulless, hungry and unstoppable, they are always on the hunt for human flesh. So what could be a better DIY costume idea for the scariest time of the year, Halloween?

Accessories needed for your DIY Zombie Costume

Whether you pick a last-minute or a more complex costume for a horror-motto-party, zombies are from all population stratums so jeans and t-shirts as well as wedding dresses can serve as your basic outfit. Choose something which you do not regret tearing or smudging.

Further things you need:

  • white, black and optionally green theater make-up
  • scissor
  • art blood
  • optionally – liquid latex
  • contacts
  • make-up remover (after-party accesory)

How to create a Zombie Costume – Step by Step guide

Step 1 – Ripped clothes

Your clothes should reflect you rising from the grave or wandering  around the country for weeks. Don´t be hesitant when it comes to ripping your clothes and smudging it with soil – You want it to look authentic!

Step 2 – Zombie Make-Up

Use white theater make-up as a foundation for your seemingly bloodless face. Black make-up can be used for dark shadows under the eyes and dark cheekbone contours. To round off the perfect facial make-up, do not forget to apply art blood around your mouth. You can also use art blood for fake wounds on cheeks and forehead. To create the ultimate authentic look use light or dark contacts.

Step 3 – Hair-Do

Have you ever seen a zombie with a hairbrush? Us neither, so let´s get messy! Use hair gel for short hair and tease longer hair so it looks unruly.

Step 4 – Fake wounds

Apply liquid latex on your neck and arms to create shockingly realistic looking wounds. With a rope around your neck or a toy knife in your back you can additionally tell your own story of death.

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