Even more exciting than Christmas is a kids birthday party for children. A day where they can have fun with their friends, eat cake and unpack presents. Find everything you need for an unforgettable kids birthday here.

A kids birthday party – A spectacular adventure for kids and parents! Fun, action and entertainment are the key elements needed for a successful kids birthday. No worries: With the right planning your kids birthday party will be a great event and your small one will be forever grateful.

How my kids to invite and how many days ahead?

Your kid would love to invite the whole class? That means you need a lot of space and goodies. The question most parents ask themselves is – How many children should we invite? There is a simple answer to that question: The ideal number is 5 – 10 children. Experts say the max. should be 15. Invitation cards should be send out in a timely manner, around three weeks prior to the party, so you know with how manly guests you have to calculate.

Original Invitation Cards for Kids Birthday Parties

You can make original and funny invitation cards easily by yourself: The best part – Get your kids involved as well so they will be full of anticipation for their birthday party. Colorful or theme based, there is no limit to your creativity. We have put some inspirational ideas together for you.

The perfect decoration for your Kids Birthday Party

Decorating the house and/or garden is already a lot of fun for the kids and entire family. First thing you should consider before decorating is if you would like to follow a certain theme for the party or if you would like to use bright colors everywhere. Colorful balloons, paper plates and paper cups as well as garlands and banners will turn your home into a beautiful party location. Decide for yourself, if you want to inolve your child in the decorating part or if you would like to surprise it. We have some nice ideas for you.

Kids Birthday Party Games for unforgettable fun

For the afternoon, you should have some party game ideas ready for the kids. Whether sportive games, board games or crafty games – A good combination of all of them is a good start. We have put some party game ideas together for you.

Kids Birthday Party Cakes and Tarts

Most kids love sweets. A highlight for every kids birthday party are therefore the delicious cakes or tarts. You can prep those cakes with the favorite motives of your little ones or if you decide to go with a theme party you can choose your motives accordingly. You can additionally bake muffins and cupcakes as well as serve a great tasting fruit punch.

Kids Birthday Party Gift Bags and Giveaways

A nice trend are little goodie bags and giveaways to say thank you to all guests. These can be sweets and little toys. A nice gesture to remind everyone of a nice day. If you are hosting a theme party you can design and pack those goodie bags accordingly. You can of course handy craft the bags yourself. You can again involve your child to help you create and get the bags ready – It would be a nice afternoon activity. We have summed up several ideas for you.

Popular Theme Parties for a Kids Birthday Party

You can make your kids birthday party to something special with a specific theme. Your kid loves Sherlock Holmes? Create a mysterious detective game which the kids can solve at the party. Your kid loves horses? Why not decorate your house like horse stables. Kids love to experience different worlds – Pirates, unicorns or dinosaurs – There is no limit to your fantasy and a lot of fun to come!