Looking for last-minute costumes that won’t break the bank? Discover the magic of creativity with our affordable options. Unleash your imagination and find the perfect costume that will make you stand out at any event. Don’t let time or budget constraints hold you back – embrace your inner creativity and save the day with our ideas for last-minute costumes. Be the life of the party without spending a fortune in your last-minute costumes!

It´s the 31st of October, the scariest day of the year and you´re invited to a Halloween party. Sounds great, but your a little under time pressure because you need to find an outfit? No problem, as we have plenty ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes! The following costume ideas are easily made and cost efficient. Whether a sexy, funny or scary costume – We show you all the options, you just have to pick your favorite choice. Let´s get started!

Last Minute Pirate Costume »

A classic last-minute Halloween costume is the pirate costume. No wonder, as you can be totally creative when choosing your outfit and accessories. Whether funny, scary or sexy – It´s your choice! Find out how to create your pirate costume here. Or get your Pirate Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Cat Costume »

Why not go as a playful or sexy cat to the next Halloween party? We show you how to make your cat costume time and cost efficiently here. Transform in one of the most popular classic costumes! Get your Cat Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Catrina Costume »

La Catrina is the female symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead. She impresses with her colorful nature. Find inspirations, make-up ideas and tutorials on how to create your perfect last-minute La Catrina costume here. Or get your Catrina Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Mime Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Mime Costume »

Or get your Mime Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Lion Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Lion Costume »Or get your Lion Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Star Wars Rey Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Rey Costume »Or get your Rey Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Minion Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Minion Costume »Or get your Minion Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Spider Costume »

The little creatures tend to give people the shivers and are part of Halloween. Being dressed up as such is therefore the best idea. The best thing about the costume? You can easily make it in just a few steps. Here you’ll find the DIY Spider Costume » tutorial. Or get your Spider Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Senior Costume »

An original costume idea on Halloween would definitely be dressing up as a grandma or grandpa. You will be the eyecatcher with old-fashioned clothes and the right greyish make-up which gives you the right amount of wrinkles. Find inspirations here on how to create the perfect Old Person Costume » Or get your Old Person Costume @ amazon »

maskerix - Halloween Photo Contest 2017 - Old Couple
Old Couple by Silvia and Patrizia S.

DIY Last Minute Skeleton Costume »

The skeleton costume is a perfect last-minute Halloween costume, which you can easily and quickly make. Find out how to transform yourself from a body out of flesh into a skeleton. Or get your Skeleton Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Traffic Signs Costume

DIY Last Minute Wally Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Waldo Costume »Or get your Waldo Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Purge Costume »

To all of you who can´t get enough of horror movies – We have the perfect costume idea for you! How about a costume from the movie ‘The Purge’? Found out here how to make the perfect ‘The Purge’ costume.

Or get your Purge Costume @ amazon »

DIY Last Minute Zebra Costume »

More inspiration, a DIY tutorial and all accessories you need you’ll find at DIY Zebra Costume »Or get your Zebra Costume @ amazon »

maskerix - DIY Zebra Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Last Minute Tourist Costume

The tourist costume is a costume which you can put together in less than 5 minutes and which will definitely cause the one or the other laughter. The best thing: You probably have all essentials and accessories at home. 

DIY Last Minute Flower Bouquet Costume

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DIY Piñata

DIY Piñata

The Piñata game is very popular among young children as it´s insides are filled with delicious sweets and candy. You can find Piñatas in all kind of shapes, forms and figures. The goal is to hit the Piñata as hard as you can while blindfolded to make it break and give...

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Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party

Even more exciting than Christmas is a kids birthday party for children. A day where they can have fun with their friends, eat cake and unpack presents. Find everything you need for an unforgettable kids birthday here. A kids birthday party - A spectacular adventure...

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Horse Birthday Party

Horse Birthday Party

Do you need ideas for your horse birthday party? Into the saddle and off you go! Your daughter is a big fan of horses and you want to throw an extra special birthday party for her? We have all tips and tricks you need for this unique event to make it unforgettable....

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Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party

Halloween, birthday parties or scary sleepover parties - Experience the Magic: Unleash the Wizard Within at our Harry Potter-Themed Party! Whoever wants to celebrate a magical event finds a lot of inspirations within the world of Harry Potter. Find the perfect tips...

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Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Ahoy sailors! You are planning an exciting theme party? Why not create a pirate sea adventure with great recipes, matching costumes and creative games! We have tips on unique pirate invitation cards, decorations and costumes that your party will be unforgettable. The...

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