The world is getting more and more digital and with that we have so many possibilities to entertain ourselves. Especially the World Wide Web is booming and offers plenty of options to not only meet friends online or to work but also to participate in events or play games with each other. Virtual events and meet-ups are very popular during these times and we want to introduce to several activities which you can easily sign up for or participate in.

Virtual Team Events and Online Meet-Ups with friends

Working from home has become a big trend and will probably not be changing within the next few years. If you work from home you have a lot of advantages. The downside though is, that you do not see your colleagues face to face and it can be difficult to keep up the team spirit. Virtual team events are therefore the best solution to cope with this issue.

The structure is usually the same: Everyone meets online with one of the multiple providers in a virtual room. Beyond that, it can get very exciting, depending on the kind of event you choose. Find several thrilling options as well as tips for an unforgettable team event or online meet-up here.

Entertaining and funny remote games

Remote games between friends or as a team are a wonderful way of passing the time. Instead of sitting together at a table you meet your friends or colleagues comfortably from home. Having fun while solving tasks and maybe even discovering a new favorite game together sounds like huge fun. There are plenty of online games for which you can quickly get together. Find a list and helpful tips here.

Escape Room from the comfort of your home

Escape rooms have become a popular activity for a wide range of people. Now it is also possible to visit virtual escape rooms online. This is a great opportunity for team building events or for a nice afternoon with friends or family. Solve riddles together and search for hidden hints – A great way to bond!

Find different providers for online escape rooms here »

Virtual Escape Global 

The Escape Game

Insomnia Escape

Beat the Lock

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

A similar option is the virtual murder mystery dinner party – A great event you can hold with a small group. Are you able to solve the murder with your friends or colleagues? 

Find several online providers here »

Without A Cue Adventures

The Murder Mystery Co.

Maple Mystery Games

Keith´s and Margo´s Murder Mystery

Play charade with friends online

Charade is a popular quiz game for all ages. Every participant receives a word or a phrase and needs to mime it to their friends, family or colleagues without talking. The perfect idea for a funny game night or team event.

Find all providers for online charade here »

Get Charade Ideas

Play Charades

Charade app for Android

Charade app for Iphones




More online games

Who hasn´t played truth or dare? This game can also be a lot of fun online. Try it out with your friends or family!

Find some Truth or Dare question generators here »

Truth or Dare official

Truth or Dare app for Android

Truth or Dare app for Iphones


A card game for everyone – UNO is easily explained and huge fun. Find several links here to be able to play the game with your teammates.

Find a way to play UNO online here »

Let´s play UNO

GoogleFeud is inspired by an American TV show in which the candidates have to complete sentences. In this case the answers will not be measured by survey results but Google search engine results and the autocorrect sentences which emerge out of these.

Find the link to GoogleFeud here »

Google Feud

All Bad Cards is a super fun card game. Participants have to complete sentences with the phrases written on their cards. The funniest answer wins. There is a family friendly as well as an adult version.

Find the link to All Bad Cards here »

All bad cards


Trivia quizzes are always a big hit for nights out at a bar or pub. Why not have a Trivia Night with friends from the comfort of your home? Choose the category you and your friends are interested in and get going!

Here are some links to Trivia Games online »

Quiz Coconut – Nuts about Trivia

Sporcle – Trivia Nights

Kahoot! is a fun and entertaining online quiz game. Creative and diverse questions will challenge you and your friends. Whether for  quiz round between friends or for team building purposes – Amusement is guaranteed!

Download the app (for Android and iPhone) here »


Virtual Tastings from the comfort of your home 

Virtual tastings can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of exciting and unique options out there which can be very entertaining for you and your family, friends or even colleagues. We found some great options which we would like to present to you:

Wine tastings are a major trend and can be an ideal group event. You do not necessarily be in a restaurant or winery to enjoy such. There are plenty of online wineries which offer an online wine tasting including sample wine bottles as well as great lectures for you to enjoy at home!

Here are some examples of wineries offering online tastings »

Schramsberg Virtual Wine Tastings

Tolosa Virtual Wine Tastings

Hamel Family Wines

Bottles Nation

Priority Wine Pass

You and your friends are huge fans of beer? Bitter, sweet, sour or fruity – Find out which beer is your favorite type with an exciting and fun online beer tasting with friends, family or even your co-workers during a team event. What are you waiting for – Cheers!

Find a list of breweries offering online beer tastings here »

Bottles Nation

Bon Beer Voyage

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Priority Wine Pass

City Brew Tours

Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai or a Caipi? There are plenty of options of great tasting cocktails out there of which you have probably tasted a few while on a night out with your friends. But have you ever tried to create your own? Learn with the experts and become a pro of mixing your own tasty drinks. This is a great virtual get together with friends, family or colleagues.

Find online cocktails classes here »

Bottles Nation

Priority Wine Pass

Manhattan Zodiac

The Cocktail Guru