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Original and funny DIY costumes which can easily be made by yourselves – And we will show you how! Whether for carnival, Halloween, bachelor parties, kid´s birthdays or theme parties, we have a costume idea for every occasion. You will find more than 450 popular costumes on our website and the numbers are ongrowing as we research and add costumes on a daily basis. We let ourselves get inspired by our user demands and by the general trends in the market. So join us and let´s get started!

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DIY costumes are for everyone

Maskerix covers a wide range of Halloween costumes for ladies, Halloween Costumes for men and Halloween Costumes for kids. But we also focus on groups, pairs and for those who are expecting. Detailed as well as simple costumes both have their own charme, especially when they are made by yourself. We help you to find the right products and accessories for your costume. This will help you to have an unforgettable costume party – without huge effort and previous knowledge. And if you are looking for a quick solution for a last-minute costume, we also have the perfect ideas for you!

If you have found the perfect costume for you, we will help you to find the right accessories to complete it. Besides inspiring pictures of complete costumes, we also have the best tutorials on make-up and handicraft.

About Maskerix

Maskerix is run by a small team of individuals based in Hamburg, Germany, who love making their own costumes. Being creative is only one of the reasons why the Carnival as well as Halloween season is so exciting for us. But also off-season theme parties let our hearts beat faster and we hope that our excitement about DIY costumes is infectious!