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maskerix Photo Contest – Participate with your halloween costume and win big!

What can you win?

Are you ready to show off your spooky style and creativity this Halloween season? Look no further than our 2022 Costume Photo Contest!

The most creative and unique costumes will receive

  • 2 x 60 $ gift cards from Amazon

How do you participate?

Send us the photo/s of your costume/s via e-mail with the subject ‘Photo Contest’ to contest@maskerix.com (we accept photos throughout the whole year). With the submission of your photos via e-mail you agree to the Terms & Conditions which you can find at the end of the page in detail. Your e-mail should include your full name as well as your address to be able to process the gift cards properly. The Halloween Photo Contest ends on the 11th of November.

Here are some tips and tricks for the perfect shot:

  • The whole costume should be clearly visible in the picture.
  • Take your costume pictures in front of a neutral background (e.g. a white wall), There should not be any pictures, cupboards, shelves, etc. visible on the pictures.
  • The costume should be taken with good lighting conditions.
  • The photo should not be blurry.
  • You can hand in several pictures – Just make sure that each of the submissions show a different costume.
  • As parents, you can participate for your kids.
  • The costume should be a DIY project – partly or as a whole.

We are looking forward to your creative costume photos and wish you good luck!

Your maskerix team

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Halloween 2022 Winners

Fred aus Maryland als Alien / Ellen Ripley im P-5000 Power Loader &
Jessica’s Alien-Infestation, North Carolina

Halloween 2022 Submissions

Terms and Conditions

With the submission of the photo/s via info@maskerix.com the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions. With the participation in the contest, the participant declares that he/she is of 18 years of age or older. Besides, he/she declares that the photo/s submitted are original and created by him-/herself and not copied from any other website (no copyrights owned by others). The photo/s must be legal, non-threatening and non-confidential.

All submitted photos (which meet the mentioned Terms and Conditions) will be judged by creativity and quality. The winners will be notified via e-mail after the 11th of November and will receive their Amazon gift card shortly after. The decisions made will be final and binding. Prizes are not transferable without the approval of maskerix.com. The participant has 7 working days to respond to the notification e-mail or will be disqualified. If the Amazon gift card will be returned as undeliverable, the potential winner will be disqualified and the prize will be transferred to the next potential winner in row.

With the acceptation of the Terms and Conditions the participant agrees that maskerix.com has the right to use and publish the photo/s and has the right to adapt and edit the photo/s without limitations and without acknowledgment to the participant. All participants shown on the photos must agree to the Terms and Conditions and must be notified by the participant who submitted the photo/s. The participants data will only be processed by maskerix.com and will not be forwarded to a third party nor published on the website. Any promotional actions in regard to advertising and publications through maskerix.com and its corresponding social media channels/newsletters will not be additionally compensated by maskerix.com. Besides, the participant agrees that his/her name and location can be displayed in a shortened way (e.g. Susan D., Seattle).

maskerix.com reserves the right to withdraw the contest at any time in the event of unexpected circumstances without acknowledgment to the participants. All received e-mails/photos will immediately be deleted irrevocably. Participants who want to withdraw their entry have to write an e-mail to info@maskerix.com before the 11th of November. The participation (all entered information as well as photos) will irrevocably be canceled and deleted. Thus the chance of a potential prize is void.

maskerix.com reserves the right to disqualify individuals who not respect and violate the mentioned Terms and Conditions and show an unfair/disrespectful/criminal behavior towards other candidates or maskerix.com will not be tolerated and supported by maskerix.com in any kind of way.

maskerix.com is not responsible for any kind of failures/issues with networks, servers or any other operators when entering the contest/uploading photos. maskerix.com is not responsible for any damages, injuries or losses of any kind by participation. maskerix.com is not responsible for the acceptance or misusage of the Amazon gift card in any kind of way.

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